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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  December 11, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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melissa: that is a good one. welcome, i am melissa francis. lori: i am lori rothman. unions come out in protest on right to work legislation. melissa: the battle for control, who will be the new leadee of the oil cartel? saudi arabia or archrival iran fighting for the top spot. lori: you heard dennis and cheryl speaking to house speaker john boehner taking to the house for questioning when president obama will "get serious in fiscal talks." there are just 20 days left until we are at risk of going over the fiscal cliff. let's get you updated on the market as we do every 15 minutes, stocks now. let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange. the market having a good day today. nicole: indeed. we have been over the 13,300 mark but still holding onto stellar games, lori and melissa. so up triple digits up 110
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points so really is a nice showing. 28 of the 30 dow components in the green. we heard from house speaker john boehner. the overall sentiment after he spoke is a few negative pieces of language in his speech that ultimately in the end he was trying to say they're trying to work it out. smooth it over, ultimately. they know a couple of trends we are seeing, technology, materiall, two areas coming under pressure recently starting to turn. europe seeing improvement helping equities along as well. lori: not sure if you mentioned the fed. we were talking about it at the top. talking about their expectations of ben bernanke. nicole: would even throw out the idea of stimulus? that helped things along pushing us along throughout this entire last six months. lori: absolutely.
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thank you so much, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. protests turn violent in lansing, michigan, as union protesters ripped down a tent belonging to right-to-work supporters. becoming the 24th right-to-work states today allowing workers to get the right to join unions. jeff flock is in lansing michigan covering the story for us. i thought it was interesting how you covered the scene there with michigan a few years back, excuse me, wisconsin. >> wisconsin, exactly. not the same kind of intensity. part of that is because this is already pretty much a done deal. there they had not a teacher headed off. the second one being debated right now. but renew over here to the scene of the george romney state office building. george romney, former governor
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of wisconsin, and father of mitt romney. the large group of protesters are trying to get into the crowd and see. they have essentially ringed the entrance of the building trying to make their voices heard. they feel very frustrated. they feel this had passed in a lame duck session without the opportunity for there to be more debate about it. that is their feeling. at this point you mentioned a little bit of white you could call it violence. nothing serious at this point, but we want to keep an eye on this because there are lots of folks, pretty hard to believe michigan could become a right-to-work states. lori: mourn these protests in michigan, let's ring in these. please to have you join us from washington, d.c. welcome to you.
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>> thank you. lori: why do you think right-to-work is good idea in michigan? >> michigan has th been one of e states hardest hit by the downturn. they want to do what they can to attract jobs. right-to-work states have lower unemployment rate. it is not hard to understand why businesses don't particularly want to be unionized. they don't want to have happen to them what happened to general motors or chrysler. yothey make it less profitable r unions. as a result you get more invested and more jobs. jobs are one thing michigan definitely needs. lori: i agree. the unions would argue many of the freedoms, many of the advantages their workers enjoy her because of the lobbies and the history they have had, therefore the unions are deservedly deserve their dues.
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>> if you can persuade workers to give you their money, that is fantastic, that is your constitutional right. they should not be forced to pay dues to the union. 20% of union households in michigan support the right to work law. probably because there's a awful lot of union workers don't go there again the value worth of their dues or supports priorities. they should have a choice, that is their right. lori: we have seen unions lose membership, lot less clout than in generations past. how do you characterize the influence of unions right now? >> it is a competitive marketplace. up through the late 70s the detroit automakers headlock on the u.s. market and about a million and a half members. since the late 70s yet had an influx of competition. some from japan. many in cars being built in america in nonunion states by nonunion american workers.
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ever since that time consumers have voted for the competitors products. as long as you have a competitive that isn't all that much you have to do to raise costs for businesses. lori: it all sounds great and makes perfect sense, but you look at the pictures we see right now in the capital, union members serious about losing the right to work status. you wonder that volatility could have a ripple effect ultimately interceding the economy. >> probably not. a majority support this move by 10 to 15-point margin. we just had a ballot initiative in michigan to prevent the legislature from passing this exact kind of law. they defeated it by 15-point margin. the polls and election results show most michigan voters support what is going on. lori: thank you for your time
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and your analysis on this union issue. one i think we'l will stick arod for a while. melissa: breaking news now. delta stocks spiking on news that elder and virgin atlantic are coming to a deal. a stake currently held by singapore airlines. for more on the details on the deal, we're joined by virgin atlantic ceo steve ridgeway. steve, welcome to the program, thank you for coming on. >> hello, good afternoon. melissa: how will customers and shareholders know the difference or notice the difference now that we are seeing this portion of the company over to delta, what will feel different? >> i think we are a very strong airline. we started the heritage. delta likewise. delta has a huge presence in the u.s. but putting operations and schedules together, we have to get a deal approved which is obviously delta buying singapore's stake. and then we would create a joint
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venture across the north atlantic with antitrust abuse. we can coordinate our schedules and make sure we can bring together a bigger network for our customers and potential customers to fly on. it is very positive news with two good airlines coming together. really offering more choices to consumers. melissa: what do you make in choice? how dull the pain 360 million. quite a difference, what do you make of that? >> i think yes, it certainly is. it is the reality of the world we live in. thanks 99 was the highest point. for the european and u.s. carriers on how they are performing. that all changed after 9/11 and the oil spike. looking at major airline share prices, they are a lot lower today than it 99.
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things like this enable us to compete more effectively with a big monster lines, obviously good for consumers. lori: you have to apply for antitrust immunity, do you see that as a tall hurdle? >> there shouldn't be. there are two others in the north atlantic and if you take one which we fought for a very long time, they have over 60% market share. even when you bring our two carriers together, we will have only 20% market share equally enabling us to offer a more compelling proposition in terms of the number of destinations served in the fight we can grow our market as well. lori: consolidation for a lot of consumers may mean higher prices. can you reassure travelers that won't be the case? >> i think competition across the north atlantic is fierce. it has been for 28 years we have
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been flying. virgin atlantic always brings good competition and very competitive prices to market. i don't think consumers of anything to fear on that front, this will be great for consumers. melissa: what does it mean for the virgin brand? it was a luxury brand, virgin is very flashy. you have richard branson out there, the main shareholder. the person everybody associates with the brand. he put delta in its place, delta in america is very white bread, i would say. it is the big, large brand that doesn't have a ton of style. what does it mean going forward? >> i don't know. they are riding very high among u.s. carriers. it has made very bold statements about the investor programs. 1.4 billion at jfk, a lot of new
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aircraft coming and very committed to new product. their ceo exactly fit that today. very attractive in virgin atlantic. precisely the service quality that we offer. actually when you take new york, put ourselves together, nine flights per day, great timing with that schedule. it may not be the same number of flights per day, but if you want the best experience across the north atlantic from heathrow to jfk and new york, fly with virgin and delta. melissa: steve ridgeway, thank you so much. lori: thank you, sir. >> thank you. lori: adam shapiro has been all over this story all morning long. joining us with the very latest in the ongoing news conference. melissa: and take a look at where metals are as we head out to break. gold trading down $5. silver getting hit the hardest. we will be right back. i always wait until the last minute.
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melissa: breaking news right now. the justice department announcing hsbc will pay a whopping $1.9 billion to settle a money-laundering probe. o'connell charges be filed? adam shapiro in the news from following this story so closely and has more now. adam. >> we're all getting caught up
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in $1.9 billion historic fine, but not one person from hsbc will be prosecuted for what the assistant u.s. attorney general says was blatant and egregious violations of u.s. law. it is worse than that. they went on his hsbc work with governments to break the law, foreign governments with terrorists they threatened by their actions the lives of u.s. citizens. saying at one point, and this is a quote, he says i don't think anyone is alleging hsbc was the mastermind of many of these schemes. rather the compliance was so lax that it was allowed to happen. listen to what he said at the beginning of the conference about how hsbc helped governments rake the law. in his own words. >> on at least one occasion hsbc instructed a bank in iran how to format payment messages so that the transactions would not be
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blocked or rejected. by the united states. >> so hsbc, according to lanny brewer, actually told the governments in iran, the bank at iran, how to break u.s. law but they will not go after the individual's who might have shown the bank how to do it. we asked hsbc for the number of executives who have been subject to call back of the bonuses, the department of justice and hsbc have made a great deal, great fact of the number of executives who have had their bonuses clawed back. they refuse to give the number of executive to face clawback or the dollar amount. saying we are not providing details beyond those included in our statement. shareholders are left holding the bag for hsbc problems. back to you. melissa: great reporting. lori: thank you. let's check the market. nicole, manning the floor of the new york stock exchange and in particular watching etf.
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nicole: on a day when this is the point of this story, equities continue to rise, the s&p 500 today for example up 1% bringing us to this particular exchange traded fund that seen assets moving into the fund, rising stock, the asset total more than 1.325, taking out the decimal point is the point of the story. trillion. it was 1.319 trillion previously. people are moving into the s&p. all of this on some optimism. back to you. lori: we will take it, thank you, nicole. melissa: the largest ever insider trading case. that he will return to his former boss, steve cohen. charlie gasparino here next with
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>> 22 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minute. the remains of petty officer were retained, and returned to the united states last night. the seal team six but was killed in afghanistan during a mission to rescue a kidnapped dr. from captivity. he was from pennsylvania. he was 28 years old. medical helicopter flight to a hospital crash landed left it. all three are reported dead from the accident. the chopper was registered to rockford, illinois. federal aviation administration is sending a team to the scene to investigate. severe winter weather pounding parts of the upper midwest.
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the minneapolis-st. paul area experienced some of the harshest conditions. dumping 10 and a half inches in 24 hours. this season the twin cities has seen almost as much snow as all of last winter. those are your headlines. back to lori and melissa. melissa: former capital trader faces jail time for insider trading. they have made no secret of their desire to give up in committing evidence against wells, his own boss, steve cohen. but some say he has a powerful incentive not to cooperate. charlie gasparino. >> companies often cover the legal expenses of their employees snarled in investigations. charged in an insider trading scam alleged back in 2008. but this was kind of interesting about this.
1:25 pm
the allegations of trading on insider trading back in 2008, essentially let go. sec capital, even though he has been an employee for two years, now covering his legal fees. longtime white-collar defense attorney, does not come cheap, he starts around $1300 per hour. he made about $9 million according to the criminal complaint. that was the bonus. lori: so he has money. >> maybe. 1300 per hour. a lot of money. and this is raising some eyebrows in the legal community. companies often do this. lori: makes sense, great strategy. >> he probably had an employment contract, but we don't know.
1:26 pm
we don't know if it's a deal created then based on an employment contract, or whether it is something they just did now, but it does at least two legal experts it exists, it provides an incentive when yourr boss, who they want you to cooperate on and no doubt they want steve cohen, that is their ultimate target. i have learned this from numerous people i've talked to, law-enforcement involved in this case, you read the complaint, this anonymous owner of the hedge fund which they talk about, we have confirmed it is steve cohen, he gave the inside information to. we don't know if you told him this is inside information. we see the distinctions i am drawing. we understand the feds have asked in the past to cooperate against steve cohen. people will say he does not
1:27 pm
intend to cooperate. he is facing 20 years in jail. he has no plans to cooperate, he wants to fight it. we understand this is kind of an interesting incentive. steve cohen is paying his legal expenses. lori: what about immunity? are we past that stage? >> the government won't offer him immunity anymore? no, think they're still hoping. lori: with a silk over the legal expenses? >> i don't know. melissa: comes down to the employment problem. we have an employment contractor, say you are in a book and it spells out if you get sued, maybe his implement agreement that spells out if you get in trouble as a result of the work you do. >> if he was an employee. melissa: maybe the language covers that. >> maybe this is a new thing, we
1:28 pm
don't know a lot right now. i put in calls, charlie is not commenting about this stuff. it is not unusual for them to pay these legal fees, but i will say this, it provides a degree of control. there is some sort of a lot of lawyerloose talk about people sg information. you get heads up on his possible cooperation. you know possibly where his legal defense is going, so it is an interesting issue. i have bounced this off of a number of lawyers. the wayne state university professor said listen, drug cartels do this often. it is classic. it always does despite the fact it is routine in some respects, we don't know what it says, but it is routine but it raises suspicions all the time. this is somewhat controversial.
1:29 pm
another wrinkle in the case, a lot of people say staring at 20 years, shows no signs of wanting to cooperate. i talked to a lot of people, they say yes. melissa: charlie, thank you. a battle for control as opec meets. who will be the new leader of the oil cartel? saudi arabia or arch rival iran fighting for the top spot. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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lori: markets holding up. nice rally. as we do every 15 minutes let's head back to the floor of the new york stock exchange to check in with nicole. jpmorgan the new favorite bank for customers. >> this is very interesting here. there was a survey done. looking at these financials. now of course many americans have been upset with the banks, whether it was the bailout. whether it is higher fees. let's talk about some of the findings here. the customer satisfaction survey says, well, jpmorgan, now is moving to the number one spot as far as customer satisfaction, taking top spot away from wells fargo and company. they climbed by the way, jpmorgan, 6%. this is scale of one-to-one00. so they have 79. citigroup, bank of america, also saw their scores pull back a little bit. i'm just making sure. but most of the banks actually matched or eclipsed their prior numbers. back to you. melissa: nicole, thanks so
1:34 pm
much. tough decisions await opec as it meets for the first time in nearly six months. with oil prices hovering near 85 bucks a barrel and future leadership of the group in question, the credibility for opec is on the line. matt smith is commodities analyst at summit energy services. thanks for joining us. dive into the issue of leadership first. he has been the secretary-general for about six years. now he is stepping down. how important is who replaces him? >> well, it's very important really. he has taken us through a very torrid time in the crude market and now, at a time when they're having this meeting when you would expect there would be all these different debates going on regarding supply, regarding price, the whole cartel is happy with supply and price. yet there is the huge concern with the leadership whether it will go to an iranian a iraqi or a saudi. this is a huge concern
1:35 pm
especially at a period when we're entering where we will need cuts probably next year by opec. melissa: yeah. i mean there's a lot of focus on this. at the same time anytime i've been at a meeting most of the meeting happens away from the meeting. they all meet late into the night at each other's hotels trying to hash out what's going to be said. does saudi arabia in your mind, minister al-naimi, still control the cartel? iran and venezuela for a long time have been trying to put together a group to sort of try to challenge naimi's power. are they successful at that? >> i don't think so. i believe al-naimi is such a good representative of opec. he came out back in april when prices were running up and showed his frustration and said look, we need to get prices down. saudi arabia is the lynchpin of opec. they have spare capacity. they already have the production levels there that they can put onto the market. so that is what he did back in april. that is what kept prices
1:36 pm
down. he did a successful job there assad saud did. and they just really highlighted they're really in control. that is why you have seen -- go on. melissa: the other side has gotten really aggressive. we saw at the last meeting, rafael ramirez, representative from venezuela getting up talking about the fact they have more proven reserves than saudi arabia. saying they're a bigger oil giant. they brought studies from bp along to back the claim. if you look at opec's website now, they recognize venezuela being on top even though their production really lacks, but, you know, is the thooid turning inside opec? >> that is exactly the point there you made, melissa. we're seeing even though they have sort of 300 billion of reserves, we're seeing falling production from them. venezuela needs like 3 billlon a year just to keep up with production at levels where they are now. they need that investment and yet at the same time they kicked out exxonmobil.
1:37 pm
they kicked out chevron. they have kicked out conocophillips. so all of these different issues that should really be making it more of an influence, really handicapping it really. melissa: matt smith, great information. thanks for coming on. saudi is still the king. that is the takeaway i got. thank you. >> thank you. lori: sharp left turn. breaking news. former nfl commissioner paul tagliabue overturning the suspensions of for current and former new orleans saints players in the league's bounty investigation. tagliabue found the player's conduct was detrimental to the league, saying they participated in a performance pool that rewarded key players including hard tackles that could in fact justify fines. melissa: well-heeled starbucks customers will have to dig even deeper for this one. the coffee chain's new limited edition steel gift cards, sparking a bidding frenzy on ebay. i can't believe it. lori: wow! new calls to drop
1:38 pm
the stores that drop the f-bombs. charles payne on the backlash against urban outfitters. ♪ .
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>> i'm robert gray with your fox business brief. federal reserve policymakers have kicked off a two-day meeting. they're expected to announce a new bond buying program. the plan would be aimed at easing the blow if a deal on the fiscal cliff is not reached by year's end. a temporary retraining order and injunction against transcanada took effect today. it stepped construction of a pipeline from canada to the gulf coast. a texas judge issued the order after a private landowner claimed he was defrauded by the company. and stubhub has struck out with several major league baseball clubs. the new york yankees, chicago cubs and l.a. angels
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of anaheim apparently had enough of their ticket selling less than face value on the website. mlb extended the partnership with stubhub through the year 2017. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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melissa: speaker boehner taking the house floor with just 20 days left until we fall off the fiscal cliff. lori: what is so funny about that? melissa: i don't know the image of us diving over the cliff. he says it is time for president obama to get serious. rich edson --. lori: sorry to interrupt. melissa: he has the latest. rich. >> that image is getting closer and closer to reablety here as there has been no progress on any of these discussions. house speaker john boehner hittinging the house floor a
1:42 pm
short while ago. president obama wants the house to allow tax increases, tax rate increases on families earning more than $250,000 a year. house republicans have an offer on the table. they say they're waiting on the president. >> the president doesn't agree with our approach, he has got an obligation to put forward a plan that can pass both chambers of the congress. because right now the american people have to be scratching their heads and wondering when will this president going to get serious? >> we're basically looking at the same impasse today we were looking at a couple of weeks ago but there is some talk at least beyond fiscal issues in the country on capitol hill. we met up with the incoming chairman of house financial services committee and asked him about the idea going around washington whether or not we should break up the big banks? >> there is certainly a role for the city banks and jpmorgans in the world. i meet with a lot of smart people. i haven't had anyone smart
1:43 pm
enough to tell me what the optimism size after bank us. >> hensarling was taking about a role for jpmorgan in the economy as well as small, medium, community banks. that as the house takes on new leadership starting with the next congress in january. back to you. melissa: rich edson, thanks so much. urban outfitters is drumming up negative publicity with its profanity-laced stocking-stuffers. including $18 let something reminisce. lori: you can figure it out. what is that on the far side of the screen though? is that mistletoe? melissa: it was all something awesome photo album. you can figure it out. despite the criticism the stock is soaring today on upbeat fourth quarter sales outlook. so we want to know how important is morality when it comes to investing? >> say they weren't promoting fracking okay? lori: that was good,
1:44 pm
charles. >> it is interesting, urban outfitters, two major headlines. one on wall street, sales are ahead of schedule and blow out this quarter. one on main street is reflected in e-mail i got from an investor. for many years i purchased urban outfitter gift cards as presents for my teens. due to the crass nature of your advertising urban outfitters will not longer include revenue received from my family in your p and l he sent that to the company. here's the thing, guys. morality and investing where do you draw the line? you go back to the, when south africa had apartheid. there roost was a major push to sell principles against government, universities, with investments there. ultimately it helped to work. a lot of people supported that. people say, apple, they do business in china. these workers are virtually slaves. i will never own the stock. if that is the case they missed out on an investment unless they bought two weeks ago, an investment of a lifetime. so where do you find the way to draw the line?
1:45 pm
i've got to tell you something, this thing is urban outfitters is more reflective of society, not a company of really the have garrity in society today amongst young people is at the point where i talk about this all the time. i think pendulum has swung so far it can't get much further. lori: do you the think the stock surge up 34% year-to-date, urban outfitters because of shocking nature of stuff? kids in way to rebel and spicy putting it as nicely as i can? what is going on with the store that is generating interest? >> they are ahead of the curve. real hip store called supreme. they have a location in l.a. and soho. urban bought them. it was a brilliant move. this was underground success. they sell it throughout everywhere. it is a real smart retail play. i listen to music with my son. like i said have garrity meter -- vulgarity line is
1:46 pm
going, nothing nothing said more vulgar than the hottest music out there outside of taylor swift. melissa: that is great thing about other system. you can vote with your dollars. the company chooses to do this, shock value, get attention of teens. with parents it is your prerogative not to spend your money there that is your right as parents. you make the decision what you let your kids, spend your money on for your kids i guess. as a share helder, you vote with your dollars. if you don't believe what a company is doing, take your dollars elsewhere and not buy that stock. >> absolutely. do you want to be in a stock, are you going to pick a stock based on how close its principles are to mae berry rfd? or try to find a stock -- i've got subscribers in urban outfitters. i've been to the store a lot. i understand where this guy is coming from. listen, certainly don't spend your money there if you disagree with it. when it comes to investing you may have to move your line in the sandy think. melissa: charles payne, thanks so much. >> all right, guys.
1:47 pm
lori: quarter till. as we do every 15 we check the markets. nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the u.s. government is getting out of aig. totally? >> big news, big news here. this is something obviously we've been following, right? launch business network launched in 2007 ahead of the entire financial crisis. we watched aig getting bailed out in 2008 and now there has been six sales and $1.6 billion worth. so this is their latest stock sale coming. they're claiming a profit, the government, treasury department of $22.7 billion with these shares. and these sales that they have been making. and there's a look at the stock right now. it is up over 5% at 35.07. back to you. lori: thank you, nicole. melissa: will apple jump in on the special dividend craze? they have plenty of cash but weill tell you why investors may not see the payout. look at movers. today's winners and losers.
1:48 pm
there is the nasdaq. we'll start there. flextronics up 7%. we're back in a moment. [ male announcer ] this isteve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke hgoesith people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't ckel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worr about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade.
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lori: don't expect apple to become ripe to the idea of paying a special dividend in the case of the fiscal cliff like so many other companies have. shibani joshi has details as to why. >> i love this, lori. when everybody zigs apple zags. there is reports that over 350 companies, publicly-traded companies issued some sort of special dividend or advance payment of a dividend. everyone is wondering can i expect the same out of apple? the answer is no. apple already delivered you your christmas, your kwanzaa,
1:52 pm
hanukkah presents already early. look at performance of the company that it delivered this year so far. shares are up about 30%. as we all know, the issued a dividend in the july quarter, $2.65 per share, per quarter. first time since 1995. apple doesn't have to do anything. it has a lot of money t has the ability to do so. we know apple doesn't go the way of corporate america in any way, shape or form. 121 billion bucks sitting on in their cash coffers. that number is expected to double to 250 billion by 2015. they have to spend it somehow. they will probably raise their dividend. that is something that analysts are talking about, to happen in 2013. but the special dividend, ahead of this, this fiscal tax, cliff tax cliff. lori: we're with you. >> not going to happen. just not going to happen. there is no incentive to do so. lori: except for the fact shares evaporated so much from the $700 peak, right?
1:53 pm
>> yeah. the special dividend shows some assertiveness, financial strength, yes we have all the cash we can put it to work. at this point over the last three months apple shares have been down 17%. i think it is coming into question whether apple is the same apple that it was five years ago. melissa: for sure. >> it could certainly signal something but not going to happen right now. lori: appreciate that report. thanks, shibani. melissa: as more investors look for inflation hedges, hedge funds and endowments are hiding or adding hard assets to their stock portfolio. one to look at is medallion financial. robert gray spoke exclusively with the company's president. >> that's right, melissa. you can literally hail it as a public proxy for assets whose meter is running higher than other asset classes for decades. investors have long thought stock tips by cab drivers signal ad market top. what about buying stock in the taxi business itself?
1:54 pm
taxi medallions are required to operate cabs in many large cities including new york. they were first issued in the big apple during the great depression. >> back in 1937, this little piece of tin sold for $10 each. >> his grandfather bought one of the first badges and medallion financial was born. the company has seen quite a return on that first investment and on hundreds more medallions it bought since then. back in the late '70s when the checker cabs were cruising the streets of new york city, a taxi medallion would set you back less than $100,000. now this piece of metal on the front of your cab will set you back more than a million bugs. >> i don't think we ever thought it would hit a million dollar price. they have gone up 15% per year, 70 years. outperforming dow, gold, nasdaq, real estate. you name it. >> analysts marvel at the company's track record. unlike most banks, medal i don't know never had default on taxi loan.
1:55 pm
>> real estate lending someone defaults it is years before banks get money back. it is terrific collateral. the medallion is the little tin. if somebody doesn't pay you have the ability to repossess the medallion. you pop it off the hood of the car to bring it back to our office. >> take a quick look. a chart shows if you reinvest dividends versus the s&p 500 over the past decade, taxi brought you tidy 523% return versus s&p up less than 2%. one thing you want to watch out for economic slowdown that would curtail more taxi rides. melissa: robert gray, thanks so much. interesting story. lori: if you missed your chance to buy the perfect gift for this holiday, for the person who has everything, don't despair. you can now purchase a sold out limited edition stainless steel starbucks gift card on ebay for a marked up price of course, of course. friday starbucks offers 5,000 stainless steel gift
1:56 pm
cards for sale on gilt group. they were bought for $500 a piece and loaded with $450 credit. much difference tot make consumers. >> amazing. llri: it sold out in six minutes. they are selling on ebay for hundreds of thousands more than face value. one was claimed this weekend after winning bid, almost $1100. checking shares. starbuck bucks didn't see reaction to the news. fancy card. up 28 cents. melissa: have a hard time with the story. i can't imagine that. anymore details on that? hard to believe people are bidding up on ebay. we already have. thank you for that plug. also coming up tonight on a "money" the executive creative director of turk kel brands, bruce turkel tells me whether or not pepsi paid too much to beyonce for their newest ad campaign. they paid her a gazillion dollars. not sure it is worth it.
1:57 pm
you like coke or pepsi. does beyonce decide which soda you like better. >> lazy campaign. britney spears, michael jackson. we'll talk about that. i will be listening i'm curious. just couple hours before the trading session is in the books. small business confidence plunging to a 2 1/2-year low. fib chief economist bill dunkelberg breaks it down with tracy byrnes and ashley webster. that is next on fox business. stay with us.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
ashley: the arrow is up 105 points. good afternoon, everyone. i am ashley webster. tracy: and i am tracy byrnes.
2:01 pm
ashley: tough new talk on the fiscal cliff. americans are scratching their heads wondering when president obama will get serious. tracy: the president's reelection leaving small businesses weigh more pessimistic about the future. bill dunkelberg is here. we will ask him what, if anything, to boost confidence among america's job creators. ashley: time for stocks now as a do every 15 minutes. let's head down to the call petallides. nicole: this is a pretty good day on wall street. this is looking like the fourth week where we are seeing gains. we did hear from house speaker john boehner. he smoothed it over and gave the sense that they are working hard
2:02 pm
in washington in order to solve the fiscal cliff. also, the dollar is lower. that is playing a part. most of the dow components have been in the green. trip advisor. we are watching trip advisor. it has been rallying. what they are trying to do is get in there. it would be more about changing some management. liberty acquired the share. this is part of the action here we are seeing. off its earlier highs. back to you. ashley: thank you very much. tracy: out to michigan where steel i didn't say lawmakers have just passed a right to work plan.
2:03 pm
jeff flock is live in lansing with the very latest. it has not been that violent, right? jeff: we are just getting spayed riot police moving into the romney office building. it is a move for making democrats from doing the same thing over. be careful. we are right in the middle. tracy: i think we are losing him. earlier, it was not violent. now, it seems like it is getting to be so. it is pretty darn final now, i
2:04 pm
guess. ashley: chaotic scenes, as they say. tracy: it is about being forced to join a union. as you can imagine, judge andrew napolitano has a ton to say about this story. he will join us pretty soon, actually. do not go anywhere. ashley: does that last policy meeting of 2012 is underway. the so-called operation twist expiring at the end of the year. jack, thank you so much for being here. it is obviously all about the fiscal cliff. operation twist expiring. the theory is they will continue operation twist in some form or fashion, but what good will that view is my question to you.
2:05 pm
>> i do not expect much out of them, at least near-term. we need to solve, certainly, the expenses and taxes and try to get our arms around that. i do think that once the major initiatives are behind us or at least it looks like they have certain agreements contained, then i think the ball can go back to the fed where they are likely to replace operation twist which is a sterilized program which means they cannot print money to do their operation. they are taking money they already have and just shifting it around. they can print new money and use that to buy securities there is basically no short-term holdings
2:06 pm
leapt for them to sell. back to mortgage backed security. we will probably hear something like that in the language. collate qe4, call it whatever. it could be the reason for this little bit of a rally today. what do you think? >> yes. i think it could be. i do not think they want to take anything away necessarily from fiscal lawmakers right now. they will probably want to wait until the end of the year to come back to center stage. they will need to provide some extra stimulus. call it whatever, it is austerity. we will be raising taxes. we will be cutting spending. you say that even if we go over the fiscal cliff, you do not think the markets will "fall out
2:07 pm
of bed." clearly, there is some volatility there. >> i lose sleep at night on a number of things. i do not lose that much sleep that night and having the fiscal cliff go into 2013. quite honestly, and, i think i'll falling off the cliff is probably the wrong metaphor, what it ultimately does is takes hot water and turns on the heat. we are sitting in the water. the clock will be taking. we need it resolved. the longer it is not resolved the more of an effect it will have on our economy. if they ultimately come up with an agreement sometime mid-january, i don't think there is any harm. tracy: where you put your money? can you pick a sector real quick for us? >> sure.
2:08 pm
i would say income. perhaps utilities. utilities is a good example. for the first time in a long time, utilities are yielding more than high-quality corporate bonds. we are at near record levels. ashley: thank you so much for joining us. tracy: if they do not fiscal fiscal cliff housing could be heard negatively by it. small business optimism plunging after the presidential elections. bill dunkelberg is here. ashley: and public jabs on the fiscal cliff appeared to be escalating as we wait for the real talks to begin.
2:09 pm
let's take a look at how oil is trading. $85.33. down about a quarter on the day. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ tracy: it is that time of day. charles payne is here. shares of the tech company surging today. charles: it trades and pinned with apple. nobody does it better than them. unfortunately, they have been tethered to apple. they do business with pioneer, samsung, panasonic, sony. the stock is one of these ultra- volatile stocks. when it goes down, it goes down big. when it goes up, it goes up. period audio chip sales were up 120%, yet the stock is down. i always call it pressure.
2:14 pm
if you are in it on the upside it is rocking good. the nickname is crusher. ashley: good income growth. a pe of seven. charles: it is one of these things that screams a buy. i like it here. if you are in it and you cannot handle a lot of volatility i would suggest 25 as a stock lost. ashley: what kind of competition do they have? charles: really, i think, they are outdistancing their competition. their business is surging and
2:15 pm
asia. they do industrial, they do power, led. i don't understand why the stock gets hammered to the degree that it does. the flip side to this is, when they take off, they take off. when they get hammered, it is just a freefall. i think it is oversold and i think it is ready to make a move to the upside. ashley: charles, thank you very much. as we do every 15 minutes, let's take a look at what the markets are doing now. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: most of the names on the dow have been in the green all day long with the exception of mcdonald's and traveler i wanted
2:16 pm
to take a look at aig. take a look at the treasury department says they sold the remaining stake in aig. up 5.5%. it was the biggest bailout back in 2008. we covered it from top to bottom. here is a look also at morgan stanley. the banking firm is considering whether or not to seek some regulatory approval. the last time they bought back shares was in 2008. they could be making the request in january. we will see whether or not they actually do that. back to you. ashley: thank you. we will be back in 15 minutes. tracy: we have been talking about it. small business confidence.
2:17 pm
build local blurb is here. plus, why investors should brace for a drop in the stock market. ashley: the dow is higher by over 100 points. the euro is up. it is getting more expensive to go to paris and london today. not so much in canada. we will be right back. ♪ americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helpi generations throughough times. goodimes. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship.
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>> at 20 minutes past the hour, i have your fox news minute. the seal team, sixth member, was killed and afghanistan. the fallen warrior was from pennsylvania. he was 28 years old. police in west virginia say several structures are on fire after a gas line explosion. the blaze shutting down a mile long section of interstate 77. the explosion occurred at 1237 eastern. vacating all discipline against players involved in that county
2:22 pm
case. they have been wiped out for now despite the knicks suspension, the players could still face fines. back to tracy. tracy: thank you very much. ashley: it is the biggest fine ever paid by a bank. handing over a $1.9 billion to the justice department to settle a money laundering case. >> when you consider they had almost 17 billion in net income last year a lot of them do not consider this to be such a big blow to the bank. nobody from the bank, no executives involved in breaking the law. the words they used were blatant
2:23 pm
violations. none of them will be prosecuted. >> on at least one occasion they instructed a bank in iran on how to form payment messages so that the transactions would not be bought or rejected by the united states. the bank instructed criminals, drug runners, that kind of thing. age as pc says it action against senior executives. they will not say how many of them have been disciplined. nor will it say how many have been suffered. they intend to not go and provide details beyond those that were provided in their initial statement. so, do you believe them? ashley: it is interesting that
2:24 pm
no one was prosecuted on what we just heard there. they said that these activities threatened the lives of u.s. citizens and that they were working with terrorists, but nobody will be prosecuted. ashley: thank you so much for @hat report. tracy: the national federation of independent business released its latest small business survey and the results are troubling. small business optimism at its lowest level since 2010. here now, bill dunkelberger. you are here november 13 did the results last time were reallyy3 good. they did not include the presidential election. the survey their october did not include the election or the hurricane. now we have the election and people who had hoped for that
2:25 pm
ability to see some different kind of change, some different kind of management were disappointed. since they were unable to really come up with a scheme for us before, i guess owners are pretty pessimistic that will be able to do it now. tracy: that basically means the election was confirmation of that? >> yes. that is the deal. they did not see any good policy changes coming. the net% big business conditions will be better in six months. you will not make capital spending. you'll not do any of these things that would help grow gdp and reduce the unemployment rate. they are still saying that the red tape is there. what can turn this for them.
2:26 pm
>> what we have is two thirds of the owners say they have no interest in involve because they have no place to put the money to be able to pay back the loan. what obviously would help things that would be something good happening in washington that makes us more confident that we are on a path that will not lead us to destruction of the economy. consumer sentiment also plunged in november. if customers are not showing up, we are not hiring. we are not buying inventory. we are not doing anything that would help the economy grow. we have this great chart that we will put up that shows the correlation between small business optimism and the s&p 500. it has just started to pick up. now that optimism has fallen in november for our small businesses. should we anticipate the same drop in the s&p 500.
2:27 pm
small business is half the economy. there has been some good news in europe and some of the bigger firms in the s&p 500. i would not count on those profits holding up. domestically, if we do not get some growth not good news. is this the new normal. i guess we will find out next month when you come back. bill dunkelberger, thank you. ashley: protests turn ugly and michigan after state votes to limit the power of labor unions. judge andrew napolitano will tell us why he says it is a victory for americans personal freedoms. that is next. ♪
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tracy: 30 past the hour, let's take a look at the market. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: feeling pretty positive lately. talking short-term positivity and potential. >> it is pretty easy to trade today. rumors or other news leaking out of the fed meeting, they will do another on buying, operation twist. the noise is starting to get out of washington are also positive. we traded right through the resistance line on the s&p, 1430, we are staying there. i see no reason you can't get up
2:32 pm
to 1440 rather quickly. nicole: did you hear that? there's no reason you can't get to 1440 rather quickly. as far as the fiscal cliff. were talking about using something is coming, you think that is good news. >> there is always the inside game and the outside game. they will talk to their base and their constituents. they have to get something by the 18th which is next tuesday so they can vote an on it. the matter what it is, something will be coming out of there. nicole: something will be better than nothing out of washington. that is the latest. he sounds pretty happy at least at the moment. today he is positive. tracy: here is a glass half full. we will take it. ashley: thanks, guys. looking at the old tea leaves of what is going to happen with
2:33 pm
speaker boehner taking the house floor with 20 days until we fall off the fiscal cliff he says it is time for president obama to get serious. really? rich edson in d.c. for all of this. >> actually somebody has to be positive, right? in d.c. we are not getting it right now. sources are looking at these meetings and saying there is essentially no move in it the last couple of weeks or so. house speaker john boehner confirms that on the house floor. major divide between democrats and republicans on taxes and spending. >> here's what we do know. we know mr. president wants more stimulus spending and increase the debt limit without any cuts or reform. that is not fixing our problem, frankly it is making it worse. >> what we haven't seen from republicans to this day is a single proposal on revenue, and effective sea less passivity on spending cuts than the president himself has proposed.
2:34 pm
>> so the impasse over the fiscal cliff continues. next year congress will likely be doing with fiscal issues and also deal with other business issues and with that we sat down with the incoming chairman of the house financial services committee who talked about the fed. >> we need is monetary policy that is more rules-based, more predictable that takes us down the road of long-term price stability. and right now we have federal reserve that is absolutely blurred the lines between fiscal and monetary policy. >> he also talked about areas to work with. he is hoping to reform dodd-frank. he wants to curb back the too big to fail provisions. he wants them to go through bankruptcy code oriented unwinding if banks are too big to fail and eventually to fail. it is something he will push on the financial services committee. back to you.
2:35 pm
ashley: thank you so much. tracy: time to get serious. ashley: it was a while ago. tracy: whatever. all right, prounion demonstrators gathering in michigan to protest against the right to work legislation expected to pass in that state. fox news senior judicial analyst joining us now. you say this is a first amendment issue. >> it is a first amendment issue. it is always a pleasure. the first amendment guarantees the natural human right to associate with whatever group you want. the flipside of that is the right not to associate. you do not have the right not to associate. worked for the own mobile manufacturers, and we must join the union. if you don't want to join the
2:36 pm
union, the state will authorize the manufacturer, your employer to take employment of the union dues and take it and give it to the union. that is that. legislature in michigan are classes that is not an recognizes the not to associate, they can do whatever union they want, and seek to bargain collectively but it can't force people to join them or support them financially. tracy: isn't this about political donations at the end of the day? they go from your paycheck to his. >> the unions have gotten into a seductive dance with the politicians. we will get you in office, you get us more people paying dues. we will use the dues to contribute to your campaign, you will get those from us come you keep doing this. the loss o laws that force peopo join our unions so we have more money to share with you. it is reprehensible because it takes away basic human right, the right to choose whether or not to join the union.
2:37 pm
ashley: what are the unions frightened of? so they will be backing out. >> they are afraid of the symbolism. this is motown, this is detroit, this is the heart of the american automobile industry. ashley: the union is still alive and kicking. we're just not forcing people to pay the money. >> people have a right to associate and the right to join labor unions. i am not against labor unions. like the end of the day at 5:00 for most people, you like weekends off? that was free unions really organizing often against the state. now the state it's in their pocket by saying you must contribute to this union whether you like it or not. tracy: they hold so much power and yet their numbers are diminishing by the second. >> yes, that is also what they fear.
2:38 pm
without the power of the state to compel people to join or to contribute their numbers will shrink even more. as society changes and we have been less industrialized and more high-tech like this great one for which the three of us work, not have unions, the influence of the labor union is diminished or isolated into a small part of the economy. they would like to expand their influence, they would like more politicians like barack obama who will give them whatever they want. bailout general motors, the heck with the bondholders. it was only two years ago. tracy: judge, we love having you. there is never enough time. ashley: thank you, judge. >> thank you for having me. ashley: of a looming fiscal cliff inspired a powerball winner. tracy: look at the 10 and 30-year treasuries.
2:39 pm
and your 30-year is up as well, four basis points. 2.84%. we will be right back.
2:40 pm
>> i am lori rothman with your fox business brief. the justice department announcing british banking giant hsbc will pay $1.9 billion to settle a money-laundering probe spark in the largest penalty ever paid by a bank. hsbc was charted laundering funds for iran and mexican drug cartel. delta airlines buying a 49% stake in virgin atlantic from singapore airlines. $360 million. virgin atlantic will retain the majority 61% stake along with the brand of operating certificate. as the u.s. banks could be facing massive attacks on the websites after a group associated with islamic terrorism posted on a message board that it will be targeting jpmorgan chase, bank of america,
2:41 pm
suntrust bank. this latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
2:42 pm
ashley: three consecutive years of smaller u.s. corn harvest has driven inventories to 39 year low. spurring goldman sachs predict prices hitting near record highs. sandra smith taking a look at how you should play corn prices. in today's "the trade." sandra: got it. here's the thing to another: at thinking that agriculture is now, we are not talking about planting or in the growing season for corn, but that may be a good time to look at some of these stocks like caterpillar off of the highs of $100 per share. the majority of analysts are
2:43 pm
calling for caterpillar to be a buy at these levels with over $100 price target. hitting 39 year lows and prices up 44% since june. keep caterpillar in mind. as well as dear. they go out and buy new equipment. by the way, here's a look so for this year up about 11% outperforming caterpillar. look at the farm equipment companies. also the fertilizer and seed companies. planting as much corn as possible if they fall and corn going up 13% from today's prices. you want to look at stocks that produced not only fertilizer, but seed, if you're looking for some cheap stocks, i will point out mosaic. and also if you're looking for
2:44 pm
cheap agricultural company, the pe is just ate. it seems like investors are ignoring the agricultural place because we are not in the growing season, and be a good time before the turn of the year to get a new portfolio. tracy: a winner in a huge powerball lottery is taking his money up front now rather than wait. and histories in why speaks volumes. dennis kneale has this story, i love this story. >> is a choice anyone would love to have to make. he just won the lottery, should yoshetake less up front now fort the whole sum in annual increments over decades. the $582 million powerball lottery decided he will take his money up front right now, thank you. a major reason he is doing this,
2:45 pm
telling officials is the fiscal cliff and likelihood of tax increases coming next year and beyond. the powerball paid out 582 million to two winners. take it all up front 29 294 goes down to $192 million before taxes. pay 35% tax rate and the bill will be $67 million for texas. after january 1 the text it could be 40%. $76 million. $11 million difference. savings could be even bigger given the increases in taxes coming our way on capital gains, private capital returns, and more. but the math flies in the face of assertion from warren buffett. recently said investors won't change their behavior just because tax rates are heading up. i am wondering what he has to
2:46 pm
say about that notion now. maybe ought to give him a call. guys. ashley: i love this. it is a huge statement and i bet you he made a darn good decision at the end of the day. >> good advisors. either way he doesn't really lose. ashley: time for stocks as we do every 15 minutes. look at the new york stock exchange. nicole: let's take a look at apple. a few tech movers on a daily tech heavy nasdaq composite is doing well, one and a quarter are sent. everybody remembers apple, try not to think about that if you're long on the market. saying they're receiving orders 300,000 units of the iphone 5.
2:47 pm
recently projected numbers for the iphone activations to 8 million units up from 7 million so that is good news for the fourth quarter. texas instruments had some accounting for the full cost of the exit for the mobile chip market. expecting earnings to be $0.05 to $0.09 per share down from a previous forecast but those are some tech movers we continue to watch. really is an area that has been weak over the last couple of days has really turned it around hoping toto lead this market. ashley: thank you so much, appreciate it. what are the top three countries to invest in right now? not italy, i can tell you that. one global investor shares his pick next. tracy: the food and the love is still better there.
2:48 pm
a look at the winners and losers on the nasdaq. as we head out to break, research in motion up top. liberty media holders and sears all down today. we will be right back.
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2:51 pm
tracy: so here's a shocker, not only as a federal government spending way more money than it has, but state government spending is also out of control. so much so that had to hold a conference to figure that out. senior washington correspondent peter barnes has the latest.
2:52 pm
let's get all these people together, spend more money to figure out where overspending. >> it was an interesting conference. many state governments have also made big spending commitments they may not be able to keep and display experts at the u.s. chamber of commerce said it could be getting worse. this report from that task for force, the state budget crisis task force estimated state and local tension funds are underfunded by 8 trillion to 3 trillion. another trillion for unfunded health benefits and other health care reform in washington they are expanding their medicaid programs. many states are trying to fix these problems after the tax revenues collapsed in the financial crisis and recession. but two states with $30 billion below their peak in 2008 for tax revenue the chambe chambers were scramble for cash state governments will go after
2:53 pm
business. >> too often states few businesses as cash cows to milk for all they're worth. load them up with taxes and fees and a reasonable attempt in their mind to balance their budget. like eating your own seed corn if it will hurt you in the long run. >> expert at the conference says it deal in the fiscal cliff could make matters worse for the state of it cuts federal highway and infrastructure spending for example. if washington limits the tax deductions for state and local tax payments and if washington raises the eligibility age for medicare which will keep state retirees in the state retirement system even longer. tracy: you are right, it is all true. because on that report for nothing, we do not need a conference for you to do that. we love you.
2:54 pm
ashley: but they are going to pay you, peter, don't worry about it. should you be looking to invest elsewhere in the world? it has to be something better out there. the activist global advisor president and chief investment officer with a list of countries he says are worth adding on. thank you for being here. top three countries, which one should we be looking at is a great alternative to the u.s. >> we really like turkey, china and like austria quite a bit right now. ashley: why turkey? >> turkey has great fundamentals. they have great momentum. it is a little bit more risky than the average country, valuations are average but from those two perspectives, it looks fantastic. ashley: we've talked about china forever.
2:55 pm
it hasn't been so hot recently, hard to get a real sense of what is going on. >> looking at it from the perspective we do. growth is excellent in china. surprisingly relative to the rest of the world last six or nine months china has done pretty well. it has a higher risk profile than average but it is cheaper than the average country. look at it through the four, we like china. ashley: austria. what do they do in austria? >> they do a lot of different stuff. that market is not dominated by financials like the other markets in the world. so the fundamentals are great. the austrian market is the fourth best mar market in the country we follow the last 12 months. the only tough time is in the evaluation area.
2:56 pm
ashley: chile, taiwan, italy. not so great. >> unfortunately for chile, doesn't have anything going on for it. the third most expensive country to follow, high risk, no momentum, unfortunate for them. italy cheap, everything else is a disaster. taiwan less risky, poor evaluations, poor momentum, poor fundamentals. ashley: appreciated, thank you for being here. tracy: everything isn't a disaster. they are lovers. it is all you need. to live on nothing. liz claman takes us through the last hour of trading talking of fiscal cliff and housing demand. plus, imax ceo is there to talk movies. "countdown to the closing bell" is next. don't go anywhere.
2:57 pm
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